We Are The Foundation

Al Shandagha has been operating in Dubai since 1995. Since this time, we've managed to achieve a lot: respect from large customers, the well-known name, track record for delivering every time.


Al Shandagha

Working on every new project we create is the best thing can ever be done!

Design is not an easy task. Only specially trained people who repeatedly perform similar tasks can deal with it. Our team consists only of professionals of the highest level who can take into account all the nuances and complexity of the project, no matter how difficult it is. Our customers confirmed it, so you try!

Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas

No matter what quality is your work, the most important is to find a possibility to create something really new and special.
Unlimited License

Unlimited License

We have achieved Unlimited Building Height Design license from Dubai Municipality – The Highest Grade!
Brilliant Performance

Brilliant Performance

Our specialists work on each and every project demonstrating advantages of the individual approach.

Our Clients

When we say Al Shandagha, we are talking not only about the company or the team. We are talking about our wonderful customers. We would never find motivation and the strength to do our job without all of them. We are proud of our clients.

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We Will Build Your Success